Music is the universal language. It is one thing that connects us all. Strüng was formed out of a love for music and the desire to share that love and inspiration with the world.

Jenny Mann, is the creator of Strüng; no newbie to the music industry, she and her guitarist, Tim Barbour spent the last 10 years as independent touring musicians, traveling over 500,000 miles and playing over 2,000 shows. They know everything there is to know about being a struggling artist and putting it all on the line to chase my dreams. They also know first hand how music can change your life.

In July of 2014 while traveling to play the Vans Warped Tour with her band, Blameshift, an idea was born. Tim was changing his guitar strings for a show, noticed that his strings, when wrapped up in a circular fashion, resembled a bracelet. With a little creativity, time and a whole lot of love, we created Strüng.

In mid July, they sold our first “Strüng” Bracelet at a Blameshift show in Clifton, NJ. That same night they completely sold out of every bracelet made and rushed to make more for the show the next night. Pretty soon, fans were buying more bracelets than CD’s and T-shirts and Jenny was spending hours after every show hand-crafting one of a kind bracelets. Fans from all over the country were coming to shows telling them that our bracelets were bringing them good luck and most of all made them happy. As the demand for Strüng continued to rise, they realized they had created something truly special that touched people deeper than an ordinary piece of jewelry.

Now it’s time to share Strüng with the world. Join them on this journey. Get Inspired. Get Strüng.

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